Predictive Modeling

Problem Formualtion

As Data Scientists we help businesses identify the right questions and translate them into Data Science problems relevant to the bottom line

Preparation & Variable Selection

Identifying how to represent data and which variables matter is one of the most crucial steps. Data has to be cleaned, transformed and prepared.

Model Selection & Evaluation

There are thousands of potential Machine Learning methods available. We help you identify and evaluate what best works for your case.

Tailored Modeling & Exploration

Design of custom models which incorporate business-specific domain knowledge to further improve performance.


Deployment Considerations

Once a model has be designed and tested we can help you plan and implement a solution for use in production. Usually multiple factors are taken into consideration
How fast predictions have to be made: real time vs. batch
How much data has to be processed and stored
Whether Big Data platforms are needed
What kind of technology is best suited for the needs

Training and Strategic Consulting



For organizations that wish to educate their teams about Data Science we provide training sessions and lectures. Depending on the internal level of knowledge this can be a gentle introduction or an advanced and in depth exploration.

Strategic Planning

We provide advice to companies that wish to utilize Data Science to drive business insights. We use our experience to help our clients avoid potential pit falls, navigate the hype around Data Science and take measures to minimize risk.

Project Assistance

For organizations that contemplate or run internal Data Science projects we provide assistance in terms of expert advise. This can range from identifying the appropriate Data Scientists to providing assistance to internal teams in terms modeling.