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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Modeling of Behavior

Outlier Detection


Decision Support & Automation

Understanding of Patterns


Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Analysis

Modeling of Discussion Topics

Understanding of Sentence Structure

Understanding of Speech

Relationship Extraction

Entity Extraction


Computer Vision

Image Segmentation

Object Detection

Interpretation of Objects

Tracking of Moving Objects

Image Classification

Content-Based Image Retrieval


Augmented Reality

Strategic Planning, Tool Selection, Model Design and Support

Reliancy's Solutions

DockML machine learning

DockML: A Deployment Framework for Machine Learning Applications

Reduce Costs of Deployment

Turn Models into Services

Orchestrate Triggers and Workflows

Improve Reliability

Monitor Execution and Performance

Set up Notifications

Simplify Data Access

Visualize and Explore

Unified Data Interface

Extend and Customize

Adjust to Business Need

Leverage Available Modules

The purpose of DockML is to minimize the effort of placing Machine Learning Applications into production, while remaining flexible about the choice of underlying computation or storage systems.